Edvisor Recruit: How to assign a lead to a specific counsellor?

Learn how to change the user responsible for taking care of the student.

Every student stored on Edvisor Recruit has a counselor associated with them. Even when you delete a user (counselor) Edvisor Recruit will try to transfer the students to another user, so no student or leave is ever without someone responsible for.

Whenever you create a lead or student they will be automatically assigned to you - the person which created the record. But, at any time you can change the person responsible for the lead/student.

How to assign a new user to a lead/student?

Open the lead/student profile (How to find and search students?), on the page that will just open (the "Summary" tab), scroll down until you find - on the left side - the user or users associated with this student. Click on "Edit", type the name of the new user, and then click on "Save".

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