Edvisor's GDPR Plan

The EU’s new data privacy initiative GDPR is coming into effect this month. With Edvisor, you can rest assured that you and your students’ data is being kept safe, in accordance with the GDPR directives.

What is GDPR?

The EU GDPR is a legal framework providing privacy guidelines for all companies that house data pertaining to EU citizens. It aims to provide the following rights to all EU citizens:

  • the right to erasure (the right to be forgotten/deleted from the system)
  • right to restriction of processing (the data is kept, but marked as “restricted” and can’t be touched without further consent by the user)
  • the right to data portability (the ability to export one’s data in a machine-readable format)
  • the right to rectification (the ability to get personal data fixed)
  • the right to be informed (getting human-readable information, rather than long terms and conditions)
  • the right of access (the user should be able to see all data stored about them)

What is Edvisor doing?

Edvisor is working towards being fully EU GDPR compliant by May 25th, 2018. We care deeply about the privacy of our customers, and we have always provided full data erasure, rectification, and portability of their data. There are some additional things that we are currently finalizing to ensure proper EU GDPR compliance:

  • Update our Privacy Policy and create a new Data Protection Policy which describes the full access that our customers have to their data
  • Implement data breach alert procedures
  • Enforce proper consent from both our direct customers (agency and school) as well as students

What has Edvisor already done?

Edvisor is serious about your data. We have, from the start, always provided full end-to-end encryption of all your sensitive data. We run backups to ensure that you will never lose your data and follow proper standards to avoid data breaches.

At Edvisor, we understand our customers are globally based. We feel that GDPR provides excellent guidelines for all technology companies to follow, and we are in full support of it. Regardless of being a Canadian company, Edvisor is aiming to be fully GDPR compliant and will extend the same protections to our global user base as our EU clients.