Schools: Application Status

The status of applications is one of Edvisor’s features that allows you and your partner agency to identify the stage of the application.

There are four different application statuses on Edvisor.

1. is the initial status of the application, it means the application has been received

by the school, but the school hasn't opened it yet.

2. Once you open the application, you must change the status from​ ​pending ​​to processing​. This is the only way to let your agencies know that you are aware of the application and started to work on it. ​(​Regardless if you are missing or require additional information to accept it)​ . 
3. Is the last status of applications. You can change the status to ​accepted​ once you have uploaded the Net/Gross invoice and the letter of acceptance.
4. I​n the event that the student decides to cancel their application for any situation, you can change the status to declined​ and thus maintain the record of the application.

Pro Tip​: On a recent survey, more than 3000 agents told us that processing applications in less than 48 hours is extremely important for the day to day operations and that they highly valued schools with the fastest processing times.

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Still have questions about the status of the applications?

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