Schools: How to Receive Applications

In this article, we will prepare you to receive applications in Edvisor.

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Before starting with the content of applications, make sure your account has enabled the application notifications.

Go to your personal settings, and under the Password option, you will find the Notifications settings.

Check the box and make sure it looks like this:

By selecting this option, you will receive email notifications letting you know about the new applications in your Edvisor account. In addition to this, the Edvisor system will notify you about any updates to the application made by your partner agency.
These updates can be:

  • New documents attached to the application.
  • Modifications to the start date or duration of the course.
  • New messages in the live chat.

You can also create filters for your notifications: read this quick article to learn how to set-up these filters.

Now that we warmed up, let's get into it.

This is your applications dashboard where you will find the following information:

  • Application ID: This number es generated by the Edvisor system, it will allow you to later identify the application.
  • Student Name: The name of the student sent by the agency.
  • Status of the application: The status of applications is one of Edvisor’s features that allows you and your partner agency to identify the stage of the application.
  • Agency Name: The agency that sent the application to your account.
  • Agency Office: The office of the agency that sent the application
  • Last time it was updated: This field will be modified every time a change has been made to the application.
  • Date the application was received.

We highly recommend reading this article to understand better the functionality of the application status.

You can also create filters in your applications dashboard! You can filter applications using the Filter List option:

Or you can use the status of the applications as a funnel:

And for those hard-to-find applications:

You can search by student name, id and/or agency.

To open a new application you can either click on the student name or application ID

The first section in the application is the Student Information.

In this section, you will find all the student information fields you selected in your application form.

Below Student Information, you will find the Application Information.

This section is divided into 2 types of information:

  1. Program Information: The program to which the student is applying along with the start date, duration and intensity.
  2. Accommodation Information: The accommodation selected by the student with type of room, bathroom and how many meals per day. You will still find the start and departure dates of the accommodation.

Note: The accommodation information will appear empty if the student and/or agency did not select the accommodation or if there is no accommodation available in your account.


Next to the student information, you will find the live chat.

This tool works to have direct communication with the agency. No more emails! Any questions about the application or indication for the agency can be sent in this section.


Below the live chat, you will find the documents section

Applications process

  • Agreements: Here you will find the Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy of your school signed by the student.
  • Gross Invoice: This is the section where you need to upload the student invoice.
  • Net Invoice: This is the section where you must upload the agency invoice.
  • Letter of Acceptance: Once the registration is completed, here you can upload the acceptance letter for the student.

Under the documents section, you will find File Sharing

File Sharing is divided into school files and agency files.
If the agency sends you some additional documents, you will find it in the Agency Files section. If you want to share any additional documents with the agency, you can upload it to School Files.

- You will always find the name of the file, who uploaded this information and the date it was uploaded.


The last section of the applications is Application Activity.

Edvisor created this section so that at any time you can see the changes and updates that have been made in this application.

Applications tips and notes

  • Assing applications: You can assign applications to specific users.
    The person assigned to the application will receive all notifications related to it.

By clicking on this option, you will find the list of possible users to which you can assign it.

  • Print the application: You have the option to print all the information in the application in case you need to share it with someone on your team.