Edvisor Recruit: Adding, editing and deleting users

Edvisor Recruit gives all the control you need to manage your team. Learn more about how to do just that.

You can change roles, add/remove users, that have access to Edvisor Recruit at any time.

To manage users (and offices) head to "Company Settings" which you can find when you hover your mouse on your profile picture on the top-right corner. Click on "Offices & users". Edvisor Recruit will list all the offices in your agency.

To add a new user

Follow the steps above and click on the "+" of the Office you would like to add a user for. You will see a green button "Add new". Fill up the information required, such as First name, last name, email, phone, and roles.

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Attention: roles are important

The roles will determine who and what they will have access to Edvisor Recruit. The "Admin" role is the most powerful and gives completely control of your Edvisor Recruit account. Use with caution.

To edit a user

You can only change the "Office" or the "Roles" of a user. Their personal data such as name and email can only be managed by them, to see how they can do that, read our article How to update my name, picture, email and email signature?.

To remove a user

You can remove/delete a user, preventing them to have access to Edvisor Recruit at any time. Follow the same steps to edit a user.

Click in the red button "Remove".

Edvisor Recruit will ask you to type the name of another user.Edvisor Recruit will user the user you've typed to transfer any student currently assigned to the user being removed, thus making sure students always have counselors assigned to them.

I can't see "Company Settings"!

If you can't see "Company Settings" it's because your level of access to Edvisor Recruit (role) does not allow you to manage users or preferences of Edvisor Recruit. Ask your manager to change your roles, giving you access to "Admin" to do so.