Edvisor Recruit: Form Field (Name) IDs

This is a technical chart listing all default field name for form creation.

These fields are used to map the default fields to Edvisor Recruit's Student Profiles. By using these 'Field Names' in the 'Name' entry on forms, it will send the data from the form to the corresponding field of the Student Profile.

If you have a need for fields outside of this list, they will instead need to be created as a custom field before they can be added to forms.

Example of the form editor:

Name (Label) Field Name (ID)
First name first-name
Middle name middle-name
Last name last-name
Native name native-first-name
Birthday birthday
Email email
Onshore phone phone
Offshore phone phone2
Nationality country
Comments/Remarks remarks
Status (Onshore/Offshore) status
Gender gender
Referral details referral
Referral source from-where
Visa expire date visas---visa-expire-date
Visa type visas---visa
Visa grant date visas---visa-grant-date
Visa application date visas---visa-application-date
Visa deadline application date visas---deadline-application-date
Passport expire date passports---passport-expire-date
Passport issue date passports---passport-issue-date
Passport number passports---passport-number
Passport country passports---passport-country
Dependant name linked-profiles---student-name
Dependant type linked-profiles--type
Dependant email linked-profiles---email
Dependant birthday linked-profiles---birthday
Flight departure date arrival-dates---departure-date
Flight arrival date arrival-dates---arrival-date
Flight from arrival-dates---from
Flight to arrival-dates---to
Arrival flight number arrival-dates---arrival-flight-number
Departure flight number


Onshore Address Full address--formatted-address
Onshore Address Unit address--unit-number
Onshore Address Street Number address--street-number
Onshore Address Street Name address--street-name
Onshore Address City address--city
Onshore Address Country (iso2 code) address--country
Offshore Address Full address2--formatted-address
Offshore Address Unit address2--unit-number
Offshore Address Street Number address2--street-number
Offshore Address Street Name address2--street-name
Offshore Address City address2--city
Offshore Address Country (iso2 code) address2--country
Institute Name education-details--institute-name
USI (Unique Student Number) education-details--usi
Year Level education-details--year-level
Education Level education-details--education-level
GPA education-details--gpa
School curriculum education-details--school-curriculum
School curriculum details


For any further questions about these fields or how they are used in forms, please contact support@edvisor.io, or begin a live chat once you are logged in!