Edvisor Recruit: How to edit the info, logo, color and cover picture of my company?

Learn how to change the info and the logo of your organization . This logo will be used in quotes, Edvisor Recruit portal, and more.

Edvisor Recruit allows you to change the logo, color and cover picture of your company. When you first sign up to your account on Edvisor Recruit you can (optionally) add a logo. If it at a later stage you want to change the logo, color or cover picture you can. 


HubSpot Video

To change the logo, cover, color or any other information about your company: hover the mouse over the gear looking icon on the top-right corner, then click on the option "Company settings", then click on the tab "Info".

For the cover picture, it is suggested to use at minimum a resolution (image size) of 1280x720.    Still, some images might look different depending on the device is displayed.

resizing-quote-cover (1)

Changing the logo of your company

To change your logo, follow the steps in the video below:

HubSpot Video

Changing name of your agency, slogan, website and other info

In the same page where you change the logo, you will see all the information of your company  displayed, ready to change. Make the changes you judge necessary and click on "Save".