Edvisor Recruit: Selling a course to a student, adding a sale

Sales are how Edvisor Recruit handles every course and product you sold to students. Here we go in-depth on how they work.

Whenever the student closed a deal, the best practice is to add as a sale. Why? Because that's the only way for Edvisor Recruit to know that the deal is closed and the student has to pay, how much they have to pay, how much commission your agency has and all future payments yet to come.

How to add a sale on Edvisor Recruit?

Every sale is attached to a lead/student. So, we have to go to the student profile to add a sale. If the student does not yet exists we have to create it. When on the student page (to search for a student, read our article How to find and search students?), click on the "Quote" tab.

Edvisor Recruit will display all the quotes available, choose the quote, then select the icon "$" to create a Sale order. 


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Choose the quote

On this page, you can select the quote you would like to make a sales order. You will be able to add other "sales items" and even custom products or services of your agency.

As soon as you select the product type, search for the product you would like to add. In the example above, we are adding a sales order.


After you select the quote, you can edit some options for this products, such as:

  • Duration (weeks) (optional): The number of weeks this product is valid for, usually Edvisor Recruit will fill this up automatically.
  • Start date (optional): When the product starts, in case, of course, the intake date of the course.
  • End date (optional): When the product ends.
  • Sale comments (optional): Any arbitrary comment you may have regarding this sale. Useful for your coworkers to know or for you to remember in the future.
  • Sale type (required): The sale type is used internally to generate reports, calculate commission and more. If it's a "new sale", it means the student is probably in their home country and that's their first visa, if it's "visa renew" it means they are renewing their visa.
  • Date of sale (required): The date this sale was made. It defaults for today, but you can choose the date.

And some other info:

  • Provider student number (required or optional): The student number in the college/university, usually available in the Letter of Offer.
  • Government student number (optional): The student number for the government of the country they are going to, it may be the number in the confirmation of enrollment or any other (e.g. in Australia could be the USI).


Every sale may have one or multiple fees. That's how Edvisor Recruit knows how much the student would have to pay. Fees may be tuition fees, material fees, placement fees, exam fees, etc. You can choose from dozens of options of fees, but usually, Edvisor Recruit will bring it automatically for you.

Every fee has the following fields:

  • Amount (required): How much is this fee going to cost for the student. A lot of colleges have promotions for material fees, tuition fees and etc. When that's the case, Edvisor Recruit will automatically calculate using the promotions stored within Edvisor Recruit.
  • Quantity (required): Sometimes we want to apply a fee multiple times, for example, when the course's cost is per week, and the student is buying 24 weeks. Changing the quantity of the fee will automatically recalculate the amount. In some cases, the quantity field will be locked for editing. That means you have to put the total amount manually.
  • Comments (optional): Any comment you believe it's necessary.
  • Apply commission (optional): This field will only appear if you have a specific set of roles within Edvisor Recruit, and tells Edvisor Recruit if it should be applied to commission or not. Usually, it will be filled up automatically.


The student may have to pay the product in many installments or most commonly in just one payment. Edvisor Recruit will help you determine how many installments it's needed when they are due, and how much the student would have to pay in each.

The installments should probably reflect exactly what it is in the letter of offer, contract, or confirmation of enrollment.

Any amount or date suggested by Edvisor Recruit is just that, a suggestion, you may change accordingly to your needs. This information is vital for any agency, as that's how the commission is calculated and when the agency knows when the student has to pay, which influences the commissioning/invoice process.