Edvisor Recruit: Gmail Add On - Store all emails sent and received in the student profile

For Expert Plan users or customers who have enabled the paid per user, Gmail add-on ($5/user/month). Learn how to store all emails sent and received to students in their Recruit profile; with these extra steps.

Since you have now permitted Google Cloud platform to connect with Recruit's API, you can take the integration deeper and store ALL emails in Recruit, between yourself and your Students, regardless of the device or app you are using. You can view all correspondence right from the Student Profile. This is the premium feature of Recruit's Gmail Add on.

If you have not yet completed the API setup for your Google Cloud Account, you will need to do so before completing this process. Please read about it here: Edvisor Recruit: Connect to Gmail

To begin setup, you will need to ensure your Google Cloud Platform login has full Admin access.

1.  Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/cloudpubsub/topic/list

> ⚠️Make sure you are in the same 'Project' you had created in the initial setup 'Connect to Gmail'

> Create a new topic named "gmail"

> Ensure that you are NOT selecting 'customer-managed key' (by default it will be off)

2.  Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/cloudpubsub/topic/

> Click on options > "View permissions"

> Click "Add Principal"

> Add a member called "gmail-api-push@system.gserviceaccount.com"

> Role "Pub/Sub Publisher"

3.  Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/cloudpubsub/subscription/list

> Create a new subscription as in the screenshot

> The "Delivery type" is "Push" and the endpoint URL is: https://core.geteducation.link/v1/webhooks?sub=gmail

> The rest of settings can be set by default

After creating the subscription, you should see the subscription page:

4. Go to https://recruit.edvisor.io/organization/add-ons  

> Copy the Topic name and paste it to Edvisor Recruit's add-on page:

> Save.

Now, you are ready to track all emails (via Gmail) directly in the Edvisor Recruit platform.