Edvisor Recruit: What is the sales pipeline?

Edvisor Recruit allows you to have as many sales pipelines as you would like. But what are they?

A sales pipeline is a visual representation of sales leads and where they are in the purchasing process. Pipelines also provide an overview of a counselor's forecast and how close he is to making reaching your goal, as well as how close a sales team as a whole is to reaching your sales goal. This enables sales representatives and sales managers to forecast the number and dollar amounts of deals that will close in a given period of time.

In some ways, a sales pipeline aggregates individual customer sales funnels into a composite picture that measures the health of all sales prospects. The sales pipeline also visualizes the lifecycle of various customer prospects, from initial interaction to deal close. These steps include the following:

  1. Gathering incoming leads.
  2. Qualifying prospects into a lead (using methods such as lead heat level).
  3. Registering if the course was sold, is on hold or lost (maybe the student closed with the competitor, for example).

The health of a sales pipeline is often reflected in the following four metrics:

  1. The number of deals in the pipeline.
  2. The average size of a deal in the pipeline (how much in dollars you have at every step).
  3. The close-ratio, or the average percentage of deals that have been closed. Sales velocity, or the average amount of time it takes to close a deal.

Edvisor Recruit's sales pipelines

In this video we provide a comprehensive explanation for your day-to-day. How to use the sales pipeline, the details in it and more.

HubSpot Video

You can create as many "Sales pipelines" as you wish. In the example above we have few custom pipelines: High School Students, Australia Sales, Language Training, etc.

How to change/customize my sales pipeline?

You can change (if you're admin) the sales pipelines of your company, for more information, check our article: Customizing and creating sales pipelines.