Edvisor Recruit: How to update my name, picture, e-mail and email signature?

Edvisor Recruit allows you to change all your personal data. Follow these steps to do that. It will take just 2 min

You have full control of how Edvisor Recruit displays your name, picture and more. Bellow, we show you how to change them.

To change any type of information regarding your user on Edvisor Recruit you can go to "My user settings". In this page, we keep everything you could possibly want.

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How to change your profile picture

To change your profile picture is easy. On this same page, click on "Edit" where your current picture is and upload a new picture. Edvisor Recruit will automatically crop and focus on your eyes.

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Connecting to Google 

You can connect to your Google account, here it is the accounts supported:

  • Google Gmail (free version)
  • Google GSuite
If you have one of these accounts or your agency provides an email from Google,  you can connect it to Edvisor Recruit.

To connect to Google scroll down until you find the "Connect" button. You will be redirected to Google to finish authenticating.

Attention: If you find an error while connecting to your Google account, follow this article.

Connecting to your account will allow you to send emails via your Google emails, which means, every email you send from Edvisor Recruit will be stored in your "Sent" folder, just like any other email.

If your agency is using the Gmail subscription to sync emails, they will also be stored in Edvisor Recruit.

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