Email syncing states and process

Learn what are email accounts syncing states and what to do if your emails stop being synced.

When using your email with Edvisor, we will access your account and keep all your emails in sync. This syncing has different internal states. Sometimes something may happen that the sync may stop or may get delayed. Below we list all the syncing states your account can possibly have, and what to do if you encounter them.


This state indicates that the account has been authenticated on our platform and is in the process of connecting to all the account's folders.


This state indicates that all folders are connected and the account is in the process of syncing all historical messages on the account. Depending on the size of the account and the speed of the connection between our services and the email server, this can take up to 24 hours or more to complete. During this time, the account is usable for sending messages and receiving new email messages.


This means every mail for every folder, contact, and calendar data are all syncing quickly and reliably.

Invalid credentials 

You can only continue to use an account with our email integration as long as we have a valid way to access your account. Sometimes, our access is invalidated by the provider (for example, Gmail) when connection settings are changed or by the end-user when their password is changed. When this happens, you will need to reauthenticate the account.


This can occur if your email provider returns an error that our sync engine does not yet understand. Please contact us for accounts in this state.

Sync error 

This means an unexpected error was raised while syncing an account. Please contact us for accounts in this state.


An account stops syncing if it repeatedly encounters the same error or is unable to access the email server. In cases where an account has stopped, contact us for accounts in this state.