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Edvisor Recruit – Buy Couple and Family OSHC

When a student is traveling to Australia and has been granted a family visa, their dependents must be insured under the same policy. If single policies are issued for each member of the family, they risk not being covered as the only valid policy would be for the main applicant.

In Edvisor Marketplace we have insurance offerings for couples and families from these providers

Steps to buy a Couple or Family Insurance in Edvisor Recruit

1. Search insurance

Go to Edvisor Insurance and refine search parameters to find the insurance you're looking for. In the result lists click Buy on the chosen insurance:

2. Select Student

It will start the wizard to create a booking, in the first step you have the option to select an existing student or create a new one:


Once the student is selected or created, a form will be displayed to enter missing information of the student that is required to issue the policy. After you fill all mandatory  fields valid click on Next Select Products button:

3. Review Products

The platform will then ask you to review your selected products. Here you can change the duration of the policy. If the information is correct, click on Next button:


4. Extra information and dependents

In this screen you can add other student details and couple and dependents information


Based on the product you will be to add multiple dependents:

Insurance type Number of dependents
Couple 1 adult
Single Family From 1 to 4 children
Multiple Family 1 adult and from 1 to 4 children

5. Review Information

Once all information has been completed, click on Next button to review the booking information:

6. Checkout

Make sure the information is correct and click Checkout. You can use a saved card or a different card just to pay for this booking:

Once you send the booking, we'll take care of issuing the policy as quickly as possible. Each provider may have slightly different processing times, but we always aim to get the policy to you in less than 3 hours.  

As well, check all the Edvisor Insurance Marketplace Terms and Conditions and our Edvisor Insurance Marketplace FAQs.