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Schools: How to Layer and Duplicate a Promotion

Learn to layer promotions in a couple of minutes.

Layering promotions is easier than it seems

Layering promotions is very useful when you have similar promotions with different expiration dates or different discounts. 

Let's use the following case as an example:

You have a promotion available for Brazil valid until the end of the year (Dec 31st, 2020) that consists of a 15% discount on tuition for all courses created on Edvisor. 

- The sales director released a new discount offering a free registration fee along with the current 15% off valid until October 31st, 2020.

Sounds complicated, right? be at ease, the solution is quite simple.

Go to your previously created promotion and click on the option Duplicate:

This will create an exact copy of the promotion that you can modify to fit the new discount and expiration date.

Duplicating promotions will save you a lot of time!

Selecting nationalities, expiration dates and courses is taking a long time? Don't worry, duplicate a promotion that you created earlier and only make a couple of changes to the details and voilà!

You created a promotion under 5 minutes 😉


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