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How to submit a bug report?

It's easy to tell Edvisor that something is wrong. In this article, you will learn the 3 steps to do so.

It's important that any and every bug is fixed, as soon as possible. To do that, our Product team, developers, account managers require a bit of information. So, we made it as easy as possible for our users to provide all this information.

When submitting a bug via Edvisor, you will be able to automatically take a screenshot, furthermore, you can annotate, hide, and comment, so we have a full understanding of what went wrong, and what we can do to fix it, and hopefully, next time provide a better experience to you.

To submit a bug, click on the top right corner "?" symbol. It will open a few options, including:

  1. Submit an idea: Use this option to tell us about ideas you have and that you would like to see implemented. Check this article to learn more: How to tell Edvisor about an idea.
  2. Find answers: Sometimes your questions are some other person's questions too. Whenever we get repeated questions, we create support articles (just like this one). Click on this option to go to this Knowledge Base.
  3. Report a bug: Click on this option to open our tool which will help you tell us what's wrong, and it will allow us to collect some basic info about your computer (and about your account, like email, company and access/roles):
    1. Browser information: This is an important piece of information because it helps us narrow down problems that sometimes only happen on specific browsers, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
    2. Screen resolution: Sometimes bugs happen on very big or very small screens, knowing your screen resolution, helps us pin down this type of issue.
    3. Operational System: Knowing if you are using Linux, Windows or Mac also helps us pinpoint problems in specific platforms.
    4.  Support: By clicking on this button, you will open our live chat, so you can talk to our lovely support team.

How to submit a bug report?

To tell us something is wrong, follow this process:

  1. Click on the top right "?" symbol;
  2. Select the option "Report a bug";
  3. Add a comment and optionally add arrows, and highlights;
  4. Press "Submit".

Here's an example of how to submit a bug: