Schools: Price Templates

The price templates are the price structure that you will create for your Products and Add-ons.



  • Simple pricing: Used when you have a weekly/Monthly/Yearly price, the same price regardless of the duration.
    Example: $200 per week - If an agent quotes the course for 4 weeks the price will be 4x$200= $800. 
    Simple Pricing
  • Flexible pricing: Bookable for a range of durations when the prices are in tiers/by range.
    Example: If an agent quotes the course for 6 weeks the price will be 6x$200 = $1200.
    Flexible Pricing
  • Fixed Pricing: When the course is sold with specific durations.
    Tip: By using fixed pricing you won't have to set a minimum and maximum duration in your course additional settings, the duration of the course will be fixed by the price template. 
    Fixed pricing
  • One Time Pricing: Useful for additional Services (Add-Ons) that are only required to be paid once. 
    Example: FCE Exam Preparation - a one-time payment of $120.