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Schools: How Promotions Work

Learn how promotions are structured on Edvisor.

Create custom promotions, including market-based pricing, by going to 'Promotions Manager' and then clicking on '+Create Promotion'



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1. Promotion Information

The promotion information section is divided into 3 subsections:

  • Promotion Name
    This should be something that you can easily identify later. We always recommend naming the promotions by the market to which they apply and the year in which they are valid.
  • Description
    This description will be shown to partner agencies. Try to summarize the details of the promotion.
  • Assign Promotion
    In this subsection, you must select the courses you want this promotion to apply.

Once you have completed the promotion information section it will look like this:

2. Promotion Details

In this section, you will find all the types of discounts you can create on the platform.

  • Percentage Off: Discount your products and add-ons by a percentage. 

In this example, we are creating a 10% discount for courses lasting from 1 to 9 weeks. From week 10, the system will calculate a 15% discount on tuition.

  • Amount Off: Discount your products and add-ons by dollar (currency) amounts.

In this example, we are taking $100 off when booking 4 weeks or more.

  • Modify Fees: Reduce or waive a fee.

ie. 100% off the registration fee when booking 1 week or more. 

  • Duration Extensions: Give a bonus duration for any products or add-ons.

ie. Buy 6 weeks and get 2 weeks free (when booking a total duration of 6 weeks, the student will receive 2 weeks for free). In the second example, when booking a total duration of 15 weeks, the student will receive 3 weeks for free.

  • Discount Other Products and Add-ons: Create promotions that link to other products and Add-ons.

ie. Get 10% off homestays when bookings 4+ weeks of the selected course on the promotion (Assign promotion section).

  • Bonus Commission for Agents: Give a cash or percentage bonus to agents.

ie. Extra 5% commission for bookings 8+ weeks.

  • Custom Offer: Describe a custom offer - this type of promotion also allows you to create a notice for agents.

ie. Get a free iPad when booking 24+ weeks.

  • Override Prices: Create new prices for the selected course - Useful when specifying market pricing. This option completely overrides the prices of the selected course.

ie. the new price of the selected course will be $100 per week. 

Following our initial example, the promotion details for the 2020 LATAM Promotion will look like this:

3. Promotion Requirements

In this section, we must select the nationalities of the students to whom this promotion will apply, the age of the students for whom it will apply, the type of visa required and the student's location.

  • Select Nationalities: Select the nationalities to which this promotion applies.

  • Set Age: Select the minimum and maximum age of the student for this promotion to apply.

  • Select Student Visa Type: Select the student visa type(s) eligible for the promotion.

Note: If this section does not apply to your promotion, you can leave it blank.

  • Student Current Location: This option allows you to choose if your promotion will apply to Onshore, Offshore students or if it is irrelevant for the promotion.

4. Valid Time Frame

The time has come to define how long this promotion will be available.
There are two conditions within the valid time frame:

  • Valid for bookings made: From and until when this promotion will be available for bookings.
  • Valid for start dates: From and until when this promotion will be available for course start dates.

In this example, our promotion will be available for bookings throughout 2020, as long as the course start date is between January 1st, 2020 until the end of 2021.

5. Eligible Agencies

The last step of the creation of the promotion is to define for which agencies it will be available.

In this section you have three options available:

  • Eligible to all agencies
  • Select agencies by location: Select the region or country for which this promotion is available.
  • Select agencies by name: This option allows you to select the specific agencies to which you want this promotion to apply. It is the ideal option for exclusive promotions.


Congratulations! You have created your first promotion.

The next step now is to put your promotion visible and boom! It is already available for your agencies.