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Schools: Edvisor Messaging

With Edvisor Messaging you can send direct messages to your partners through your Edvisor platform. This feature provides immediate, dynamic and company-wide communication to support successful partnerships between educators and agencies.

Edvisor Messaging is easy to use and here you have a guide to support you in mastering effective communication with your partners on Edvisor:

Getting Started 

To begin a conversation with one of your partners click on ‘New Message’.
Select the partner company that you want to communicate with by clicking on ‘To’ and then choose one of the following conversation ‘Types’:

Pricing & Promotions

Everything related to published pricing, promotions, scholarships and special offers. These are the conversations that provide confidence and trust that the right pricing and information is always reaching potential students. 


Everything related to students at all stages of the sales cycle and what is needed to support their application and admissions process. From hot lead sales enquiries to pre-departure admissions requirements, these are the conversations that make sending students easier for everyone. 

Commercial Agreement & Finance

Everything related to the b2b collaboration between educators and agencies. From commercial agreements and commission rates to refunds and outstanding invoices this is for high level conversations to support successful partnerships. 

General Enquiries

For everything else that helps educators and agencies work in perfect harmony!

Upon selecting your conversation Type, simply provide the Subject and you’re ready to begin chatting. 

Edvisor Messaging Settings


Platform Admins can click on ‘Settings’ under your Profile Picture and you’ll immediately be taken to the ‘Personal Settings’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Other Preferences’ and here you can select if you want to be notified when there’s a new message in Edvisor Messaging.

By clicking on ‘Customize’ you can then choose to receive all communication notifications - ‘New messages in conversations assigned to me’ - and then assign these conversations to the members of your team accordingly. 

Alternatively, you can choose ‘New messages in conversations assigned to no one’ and then customize according to the Conversation Type. By selecting this option, you ensure that all messages will be open to your organisation allowing all the team to reply to and assign conversations.

Team Permissions

When creating or edit a Role in your Team Settings, platform Admins can edit the Messaging permissions. Here you can select Assigned, All or None for the specific role in your organization allowing them to chat to Connected Providers and/or Pending Connections.

Advanced Tips

When communicating with partners, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Made a mistake? Don’t worry! You can edit or delete all messages after sending.  

  • Need more eyes on the conversation? Easy! You can bring your colleagues into the conversation on Edvisor by clicking on the 3 dots next to the Conversation Type and assigning them in the chat.

  • Looking to reduce clutter in your conversations? Simply click on the arrows next to the message and open a thread to discuss that subject directly.
  • Looking for a specific conversation? Filter in your inbox by conversations Type to find what you’re looking for.

Getting Started Video: Edvisor Messaging


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