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Schools: Unleash the power of translations.

Will the agencies find your courses in Español, Português, Français and more languages or only in English?

Alert, alert, alert! This article was written to remind you about the importance of having translations in your Edvisor account.

As you probably know at Edvisor there are agencies from all over the world.
These agencies have the option to change the language of their Edvisor account, which will activate the translations created in your school account.

Creating translations on the platform will not only allow you to transmit your school and courses information to agencies and all potential students in their own language but will also allow you to create specific descriptions of your school for different markets.

What do I mean by this?

You can use the translation tool to make specific mentions of your courses or school general information for each market!

As an example: perhaps you want to emphasize the university pathways of your school when you are selling to Mexican students, on the other hand, make your descriptions in French more related to the cultural initiatives in your school.

Sometimes a simple description does not cover everything! this is why the translation tool is here to help.