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Schools: WebQuotes Configurator and Tool Installation

How to use the 'WebQuotes Configurator' form to generate your code, and publish to your website.

A feature included with all Edvisor for School plans, is the WebQuotes Engine.

Use this tool to capture site visitors as leads directly from your website, into your Edvisor for Schools account. Here's an explanation about how to complete your form, retrieve your code and instructions, and publish the tool on your website.

The configurator can be used as many times as you like for as many buttons as needed. Essentially, you can install an unlimited number of buttons, each with slightly different configurations.

*To prepare for the installation, you will need three (3) unique URLs to complete your configuration:

  • Where you want the button to appear, like a landing page (the 'modal URL')
  • Where the search results should appear (the 'results URL')
  • Where you display your Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy ( the 'terms URL')

Check out this video walking you through the process:


Completing the configurator form will provide two sets of code for you to paste on your 'modal URL', and your 'results URL'.

Here are more details on each of the form's fields:

WebQuotes Page URL - This URL will be used to display the results of the search. It is mandatory and you can either use an existing page on your website, or create a new page to be used. An example could be "http://edvisor.io/quoteresults"

Course Search Selector -
A selector is used to select the content you want to style (apply the tool). This corresponds to the section you want the search results to appear on the above URL. It might be something like 'body' or 'content' - and is unique to your own website and page. 

Get Quotes Selector -
Like the 'course search selector', this is the label/name of the section you would like the 'Get a Quote' trigger or button to appear. Again this is unique to your own website, and is found on the existing page/URL where you want that button to appear.

*Unfamiliar with what a 'selector' is? Learn more about it here and here.

Terms and Conditions Page URL -
Add a link specific to your website that explains your Terms & Conditions, or Privacy Policy. The site visitor, upon entering their name and email in the tool, will need to agree to these terms before seeing the final quote results.

Language -
Select the language in which you want this particular tool to be displayed in.

Google Analytics ID -
Enter your analytics tracking ID if you would like to track how this tool performs on your website (using Google Analytics).

Search Type -
You can set the type of field you want the user to 'Search By', and, if you want to set any 'Default Locations' or 'Default Course Categories'. Setting this will pre-fill the field with your selection, but your users can always clear it and search for any offering tied to your School profile.

Look and Feel -
The link colour and font are styling settings that can be matched with your own website branding.

Once competed, there are two (2) sets of code snippets provided to you. Download the pdf file that is provided and follow the instructions. Make a special note, as to where each code snippet should be pasted - on the button 'trigger' page (modal URL), and where the results should appear (results URL).

Simply paste, publish, and viola! Your website is now a selling machine!

For those that do not have access to a developer to make changes for you, or if you simply would like to save some time, we do offer a single installation (first button) for a one-time setup fee. If you are considering this service, please contact your account manager, or email us at: support@edvisor.io.